Charters for Citizen
Participation in

Citizen participation is critical in ensuring transparency and
accountability in governance; key attributes of good governance, which
remain critical to Nigeria’s development.

What is a community
Development Charter

The Community Development Charter or the Community Demand
Charter is a written document containing the development needs of a
community listed in order of communal priority – as agreed by all
groups within the community.

Do you know your needs can get into the Local and
State Government budgets in Kaduna State

How can you Participate

The community development charter (CDC) is your entry point

The Process Starts

From your community (auguwa) then the ward level and finally your local government

These are simple steps to
developing a Charter

A community Development charter document is developed in 5
simple steps

Community Mobilization/Town Union Meeting for needs assessment

Need Prioritization with various community groups

Needs harmonization and documentation

Present and submission of the prioritized needs to the relevant authorities and agencies

Community Development

Why is CDC Important

1.It increases citizen's participation and promotes inclusion in governance
2. Social contract with elected leaders which can be used for advocacy by citizens
3. Enhance citizens engagement with government
4. It ensures the budget is citizens driven
5. Actualize citizen's development

How to fill in the CDC Template

1.Fill in the names of your Community, Ward, LGA and Senatorial Zone
2. Write your prioritized needs as agreed by consensus or voting
3. Select the tier of government responsible (Local, State or FG)
4. Describe what the current challenge that necessitate the need which is to address with convincing facts and figures
5. Describe what the community want that will address the need (Be specific with details)
6. Indicate location with landmark

Your voice can be heard in a moments when you speak here

We are tackling low citizens’ engagement and participation in the budget preparation, approval, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation process.

Latest from the CDC

Kaduna State has continued to attract the attention of the global Open Government Partnership (OGP) community.

In the state of Kaduna, Nigeria, citizens act as the eyes and ears of the government to monitor public services

Kaduna joined OGP as part of the 2018 cohort. They are currently implementing five commitments from their 2021-2023 action plan.